Breath of fresh air

This year started off as a very cold one with a little bit of snow, but for myself, it started as relaxing as can be. For a few weeks now, I’ve been working on changing a few things in my life in order to live a healthier, happy life with as little stress as possible. Now I know that won’t be entirely possible (to live stress-free), but I can at least control the majority of my stresses. One of the main things that I’ve been promising myself is to catch more fresh air even if it’s cold outside. I think going for walks, hikes or runs can really help with the way you feel and think about certain things. Of course no one really wants to be outside when temperatures drop, which is why winter seems to have a ‘negative’ outlook and even labeled as the depressing season, but i’d like to turn that mentality around. I recommend going to parks where all you see are trees covered in snow because the scenery truly makes that time more enjoyable.

Personally, winter was never my favorite season and there are days where I truly hate it, but I’ve been working on making it a fun one. Last year I went skiing for the first time and I never had so much fun in the snow (once I got the hang of it; read post here). It was truly an amazing experience and mini adventure that left me wanting more. Going on these small adventures really makes me appreciate life more and it gives me the opportunity to relax my mind. I also recommend layering up a lot, especially with puffy vest, fuzzy boots and socks to stay warm. Don’t worry, I did have another puffy jacket to wear over this look, I just wanted to show the vest a little more.

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