Curly/Wavy Hair Tutorial

I’m really excited to show you guys how I obtain these curls/waves for special occasions. On most days (who am I kidding), everyday I have my hair straight and I get asked a lot if my hair is naturally straight or wavy, and the answer  to that is a mix of both. When I wash my hair and let it air dry it’s wavy, but if I blow-dry it, it’s straight, but in order to achieve a more sleek look, I need to straighten more. On rare occasions, I feel up to the challenge of doing my hair curly because it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to create this look, and to be honest, it becomes tiring just holding the curling iron. Since I curl my hair on rare occasions and people are not used to seeing it that way, it attracts people to both the hair and the outfit I’m wearing. In my opinion, in order to feel as good as you look, you need to have everything on point starting from the hair, the makeup, the nails and then the outfit and accessories.

Below is the list of products I used for this tutorial and I highly recommend using all of them in order to obtain a more sleek and shine look. The Fructis oil serum works wonders on my hair and keeps it all in place; I normally apply it after I straighten my hair but for curling purposes, I applied it before starting the curling process. This allows my curls to have that perfect shine to them after they are done and last but not least, I apply my hairspray to hold those bad boys in place.

Revlon 1-inch Perfect Heat Curling Iron 

Garnier Fructis Serum Anti-Frizz Sleek & Shine

Control Force firm hold hairspray 

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