What helps me stay on track

When people would tell me ‘life works in mysterious ways’ I never truly paid much attention to it, I just carried on with the conversation like normal. So many people have given me good, wise advice that I should probably take but for some reason I never do until I find myself in that situation. I feel like this is just how we work, we don’t listen unless we can relate and lately I’ve been feeling those words, ‘life works in mysterious ways’. As I try to make sense of everything that’s going on around me I feel overwhelmed, at times frustrated but I’m trying to slowly get back on track, the tracks I know for a fact I want to be on. Although at this moment I’m not ready to open up fully about everything that’s going on, I promise that one day I will share my story in order to inspire those who at times feel like there is no hope.

For the time being, the one thing I know really helps a lot is traveling and getting away. Traveling really opens up my eyes to a lot of things, it inspires me and makes me appreciate this mysterious thing called life. For so long I’ve wondered how I could travel more, explore more and live more, and while I don’t have all the answers, I’m slowly working towards making those dreams a reality. I’ve decided to really make Youtube videos showing you guys what I’ve been doing in order to travel more and to be honest, the answer is simple, but we tend to complicate the meaning of traveling a lot more. A breath of fresh air helps you think, plan and strategize your life in order to become a better person, and that I can tell you from experience, so try it and see what it does to you. If I can inspire you to travel more, to live freely, to worry less and if I can somehow make your traveling life easier, then that would make me happy because I know how it feels to try to find inspiration somewhere but not finding any.

** P.S Matt and I will be taking an exciting and different road trip to Tennessee this Coming Sunday the 11th, so make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see the action. We will share everything you need to know in order to make the same trip as us or a similar one. A Youtube video will also be up before the trip and after the trip explaining every little detail you need to know, including cost to make your trip a reality.

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    Beautifully written.
    Great post.

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