Life Lessons

Reflecting back this year is absolutely insane. 2017 has been the year that’s challenged me the most and I can’t say nothing but thank you to this year. Everyday I wake up I truly feel blessed to have another day to chase and make my dreams happen and I also feel extremely blessed with the people I have in my life right now. I know that with each new year comes challenges, ones that we never saw coming, ones that we plan, others that leave us sad and others that make us the happiest people alive. New years are always exciting, but we forget that everyday is a brand new day to change something we don’t like, try something new or live the life we desire. This year I went through a lot of changes in my life and I’ve developed the courage I never imagined I could have. I’ve also taken leaps of faith that leave me wondering what’s next, but one thing I know for sure is that when I think about it, I know it will be worth every second.

2017 has taught me a lot of valuable lessons while at the same time bringing me headaches, stress, tears, happinesses and laughters but most important, love. My perspective in life has changed a lot ever since I found pure love, that kind of love that’s sweet and innocent; the kind that makes everything bad in your life disappear. I never imagined finding this kind of love although I knew it was out there somewhere. In all honesty, love is the answer to everything and I know it sounds corny, but that’s the answer. When you have love in your heart everything you do and say comes out with love versus if you were to have sadness or anger in your heart. Understanding that may be simple, but yet it can be the hardest thing to come across. My advice, let life take it’s toll and let things come to you. Value what’s good and learn to let go of what doesn’t add value to your life. Being afraid to make changes to your life is terrifying, I know that because I’ve been there multiple times, but if it will better you and your life, it’s worth every risk that change may come with.

I’ve also found out that not always having a plan is okay and this is something that’s hard for me because I’m the type to always have a plan. 2017 taught me that unfortunately our plans don’t work out the way we planned them to be and sometimes letting go and not being afraid of the unknown is always for the best. Life truly does bring you surprises, but if we hold on to that plan we have in our minds, we are not truly enjoying those surprises that can change our lives forever.

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