London Hub Fashion.

A few days ago, I came across a company named ‘London Hub Fashion‘. They are a sourcing agent that distributes ladieswear, menswear, kidswear and accessory to retailers all around the world. Their company was established in the beginning of 2012 with the purpose of bringing more British Fashion into non-British markets with their brand called ‘London Hub Fashion Limited’. Recently, I was given the amazing opportunity to view some of their most recent products and I must say I was extremely fascinated by them.

As I was looking through their ladieswear, all I wanted to do was shop for myself. When I go shopping, I usually tend to purchase a variety of different products, styles, fabrics and textures. My eyes usually gravitate towards those products that I have never seen before, as I like to be unique. I was extremely glad I found this company because they bring something new to fashion, especially in the American market. They bring us British Fashion, a fashion we have heard of and seen before but have never been immersed in. Lately, I’ve found myself shopping for a lot of products that contain sequins such as sequins shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes and jackets. Sequins are a type of material that will never be out of style because it can be worn for many different occasions such as dances, parties and even for business gatherings.

As seen above and below, all of their products contain just what I like. The sequin dresses are perfect to wear for those special events one might have. They show true elegance with a little bit of fun, and that, for me, is the perfect clothing piece to have in your closet. One always wants to make sure that whatever they have in their closet, they can use it again for other occasions without others noticing they have worn it before, and with these products, you can do just that. You can wear many things along with the many short sleeve dresses they have, like, for example, a black jacket, which can change the presentation of the outfit in an instant. It can create the illusion that one is wearing a nice sequin skirt rather than a dress, this way it can be worn to go out with friends to dinner or plenty of other occasions.

As I mentioned before, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity as I, myself, love fashion and love to be unique. Their company is truly amazing and they have a lot of great fashions to offer, not just in America, but also around the world. London Hub Fashion is just developing but they already had the opportunity to work with some of the British high street retailers such as TopShop, Topman, Marks and Spencer, Ted Baker, Bravissimo, Karen Millen and Peacocks London. Remember, they also make menswear, kidswear and accessories. I believe this a great company that can achieve great success in the world of fashion and in retail stores.

If you are a retailer wanting to become a stockist or to know more about London hub fashion please email:





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