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My mother has always been my fashion inspiration and since I was very little, all I remember is her making my sisters and I the cutest dresses. We always had unique dresses and the best feeling about that was knowing that she made those dresses specifically for us. This was great all through high school because I knew that for each dance I had to attend, I would have one, unique garment. My mother always told us that dressing up is more than just looking good, it really plays a huge role on your mood and how you feel about yourself. For instance, whenever I’m feeling sad, confused or defeated I tend to dress up the most and believe it or not, it helps build my confidence level.

I can say that life right now is a bit hectic and I’m currently changing some things in my life that terrifies me, but through all of that I’m always looking forward to dressing up the next day. Recently, I got this beautiful top from eShakti and I love everything about it. The best part about eShakti is that they customize each garment specifically for you and that’s truly a great feeling. In order to feel great you have to love the item your wearing and the way it fits you as well because the fit is everything. The right fit can showcase the best features in your body giving you the confidence you need to tackle anything life throws at you. When I first wore this top, it made me feel so beautiful and happy because of the fit and style. Anything laced or crochet screams my name and I love all the detailing this top provides. I also love the lace up detailing on the front and the bell sleeves, those are on trend and are super adorable! They are the perfect size, not too big where it’s overwhelming, but not too small where it doesn’t make a statement. To finish this feminine, beautiful look, I added my white laced skirt and brown heels. These three items together really make me happy and bring out the confidence I need in order to take on these crazy changes in my life.

Visit eShakti to order your first, customized garment that will have you looking good and feeling good!

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