New Years Resolutions

It’s officially New Years Eve today and in just a few hours, 2017 will come to an end. As I mentioned on my last blog post (click here to read), this past year has challenged me in ways I’ve never been challenged before. I’ve become a wiser and strong person and for that I’m extremely grateful. There is not a single thing I regret from 2017 because everything taught me a lesson or it became my biggest blessing. As usual, with the new year comes new resolutions and things I want to personally work on myself, but of course these are things that could help you guys as well.

  1. Eat healthier. In 2018 I want to promise myself to eat healthier so that my body can feel great and energized. With such a busy, hectic life, I need to make sure I stay healthy in order to accomplish everything I need to get done without feeling tired all the time.
  2. Start doing yoga. Lately I’ve been aching all over my body and it could be a combination of stress and working so hard. Regardless, I want to commit to stretching my body at least for 20 minutes a day to relax the muscles. I started doing this recently and I can already tell the difference in my body, I felt great afterwards.
  3. Travel more. I’m so happy that I’ve found my traveling partner because it truly makes a huge difference. 2017 started rough and I never got to travel anywhere but towards the end of the year, I started traveling more and doing things I’ve never done before. I’m super excited for my future adventures in 2018 with my other half.
  4. Read more. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been the type to read a book or anything but I want to commit to reading at least 5 pages a night before going to bed. I’m going to substituted my phone with an interesting book that will keep my mind refreshed. I need to learn how to put my phone down before going to bed because I’m guilty of not getting enough sleep because of my phone.
  5. Keep up with my gratitude journal. In case you did not know, I have a small journal where I write down everything I’m grateful for. This helps me appreciate everything I have and accomplished whenever I’m feeling down. I am human and sometimes I tend to feel down, but this journal really helps me realize what I have and it truly makes me appreciate my life a lot more. I have so much to be grateful for and I need to celebrate it every, single day.

I could go on and on about my New Years resolutions, but I just wanted to give you guys a short list. Maybe some of these will help you as well and inspire you to start changing your life for the best. It’s never too late to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish and it’s never to late to live the life you want to live. It will just take patience, time, persistency and passion and before you know it, you’ll be on the road you’ve always dreamt of being at.

Happy New Years, and cheers to 2018!

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