My plan to travel and how I’ll do it

**Note: This is not a paid post. These are all my opinions.

Recently I made the decision to start saving money in order to fund my 2018 trips. I’ve never been good at saving, but one of my biggest resolutions this year is to get better at it so I can accomplish some goals. Instead of doing your typical savings account, I opted for an acorns account because this will allow me to grow and invest my money while at the same time saving. I do have to give my boyfriend credit for showing me and educating me more on this app, it’s been a few months since he brought it up to my attention, but never thought about doing it until now. Seeing how he was able to fund his California trip this past summer and seeing how he’s saving money in the process really inspired me to do the same. The scariest part about signing up with them is giving them all of your personal information, but I can reassure you that it’s safe. The only reason I’m able to say that with confidence is because my boyfriend, who happens to be the same person as me when it comes to giving out your personal information, has been with acorns for a few years now and so far so good. Knowing someone who actually has it and has money invested really makes a difference, which is why I’m telling you to try it if you don’t already have an account.

For me this will be a great savings for my trips but maybe for you it could be for anything else, but regardless, you should allow for your money to be invested instead of just sitting there. You can set the minimum you want to invest/save so if you just want to start with $5, do so. Ill have the link below so you can sign up! When you use this link, you will receive $5 automatically into your account, easy money! Once you have your account, spread it with friends and family so you can get $5 as well.

I found this to be very beneficial to me and I hope it would be to you as well. Give it a try and see how much you can save and invest in a year.

Sign up with this link to receive $5! (Click here). A special thank you to my amazing boyfriend for always looking out for me.

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