The soul of the wondered

I’ve always told myself that I wanted to travel the world, travel to countries I’ve never been to before, see places I’ve never imagined seeing and meet others that can share their stories all while inspiring and making a difference. I was set on the bigger picture, the many beautiful destinations this world has to offer, but not once did I consider traveling and exploring my surroundings first. This is something that I believe happens to many of us and it can be discouraging when you can’t make it to that destination, but the solution to that is to get out more and explore what’s around you and go to where you can afford to go. For instance, I live in Wisconsin, a beautiful state that has a lot to offer but apparently I never knew that nor did I considered exploring Wisconsin until this summer. I had the opportunity to stay the night at the Wildman’s Resort in Athelstane, WI and it was the most beautiful scenery I’ve encounter in a while. The scenery around us was breathtaking and the activities we did were unforgettable. I would of never known this if I did not take the initiative to explore my surroundings. (Click here to read that post)

I also had the opportunity to go hiking at Devils Lake for pictures and the views were so beautiful and relaxing, it definitely made a positive impact in my soul (Click here to see post). It’s really important to travel, to detached from the everyday routine one has in order to live a positive, healthy and happy life. Make yourself a promise to get out often, travel your state and see what they have to offer or plan a trip to Wisconsin. Going on hikes, camping and just being surrounded by mother nature really helps keep your soul happy and stress free. I’ve found out that the more I travel, the more activities I do, the more I meet new people, take pictures to make memories, the more content my soul is. I’ve also learned to let go of that ‘big picture’ of traveling big and admire was around me because I know I’ll eventually get to travel and see those destinations. This has helped me really enjoy those small adventures, and it’s also helped me with my dreams of traveling more and making less excuses. The key to travel, if you ask me is just to do it, go for it even if it means starting small with a hike in your nearest park.

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