The Statement Boots

Best purchased I’ve made so far with shoes have been these boots from Target. Shoes are such an important piece to an outfit because it says a lot. Shoes can say where you are going, what your style is and sometimes your mood. For instant, when I first saw these shoes I knew they were going to be the center of attention, and I typically don’t own a lot of statement shoes, instead, I stick to the more basic, neutral shoes. These shoes scream fun, outgoing and different and they definitely had me stepping outside my comfort zone. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and I just love how I can wear a simple outfit and have these be the statement without trying too hard. Since the weather is getting colder, substitute the skirt with a pair of black, skinny jeans and it will still look amazing.To compliment the silver floral print on the boots, style it with a grey sweater.

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