Vlog #1: Our Trip

Guys, if you haven’t checked out our latest video of our Tennessee road trip, then go check it out here, promise it won’t disappoint you! The purpose of us taking this trip and really recording every moment we possibly could was to inspire you all to travel more and live life to its fullest. I’ve said it a million times and Ill say it again, but I’ve always wanted to travel and for some reason I always found an excuse not to. I’ve decided to take the first steps of traveling and that is to travel within my means, meaning I will still go on adventures and travel, but with a comfortable budget I can afford. For so long I had this image in my head that in order to “travel” I had to spend a lot of money, and although the top destinations that social media always advertise look dreamy, they cost a lot. That doesn’t mean you can’t go on adventures and travel, instead you might have to change your destination.

I’m typically not the lucky type, ask anyone that knows me, but I got extremely lucky to have found an amazing traveling partner who also enjoys what I enjoy. This makes life a lot easier and exciting and anything is possible with the right mentality and people. With that being said, here is a vlog of our trip (part one because there will be 2 parts), but I hope it helps you plan your next trip. On the second part I will share all the details of how much we spent in gas, gear etc. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to see more!



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