We all must very clearly remember about the time when we used to ask our parents and sometimes even ended up crying hoping that our emotional blackmail will, for once, have the desired impact. But our parents are way smarter than we thought and they always came up with a perfect excuse to not let you have a pet. To be fair to them, at that time we never understood that having a pet is a task of moral responsibility and we underestimated this task. But now because of the technology and it’s ongoing advancements, a lot of gaming apps have come forth and provide the user with an opportunity to relive your childhood dream of owning a pet and we shall provide you with the best of such apps.

My Talking Tom is the pioneer and one of the kind apps which took the entire gaming world by a storm. It introduces you to a new born kitten and as it’s owner and it’s caretaker, you are being handed over the responsibility of taking care of your pet. Everything from food, bathing, feeding and most importantly loving is the responsibility of the gamer. The makers designed the app in such a way that the user gets a hang of it. Your talking tom will also repeat whatever you speak in its amazing kitten voice. The app provides you with a chance to be a part of the life journey of your pet.

The makers made the gamer a part of a journey where you get to experience and be a part of every stage of the life of your beloved pet right from when they are born to the time when they become beautiful adults. Just like every pet owner, the game gives you the complete responsibility for ensuring the well being of your pet right from the feeding, bathing, playing and finally putting them to sleep. You can dress your pet in your favourite attires purchased from the store. You can even redecorate your pet home to make their experience more relaxing. There are a lot of photos for you to collect and store.

App Info

NameMy Talking Tom 2
Latest Version1.2.21.259
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
MOD Features:Coins/Stars

We will provide you with the basic features and gameplay of the My Talking Tom Mod Apk with the basic requirements for downloading the mod apk. We will ultimately share with you the latest working download link of the My Talking Tom Mod Apk.

Download My Talking Tom Mod Apk For Android (Unlimited Money)

Download My Talking Tom Mod Apk

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Features of the My Talking Tom Game:

  • If you think that the game is restricted to completely taking care of your pet then you are sadly mistaken because the makers developed an all in one gaming apk which allows the user to engage in a large number of mini games within the game which the player can play in an attempt to earn valuable coins which can be exchanged for buying the favourite attires or equipment. The list of mini games is constantly being refreshed to keep the user engaged.
  • User interface means the ease with which an user can use the game. This is one of the main characteristic which determines the success of any game. The makers made sure to create such a user interface which can be enjoyed from people of all ages without bothering about the technical aspects. You can pet Tom with just a touch on the android screen. You can even run his fur to make him feel more loved by simply rubbing on his tummy using just your finger.
  • There is a huge possibility that any android user will get bored of the apk because of the constant usage and lack of fresh content. But the makers ensured that the apk does not fall in the same category this is exactly why they developed an one of a kind voice back technology which brings your pet to life. You can actually engage in conversation with your pet. Tom will repeat whatever you will say in its unique kitten voice. Use your creativity and make the most of this feature being provided in the mod apk.
  • There are a very few games out there who actually are beyond the concept of just games. The mod apk which is extremely popular provides the user with the opportunity to relax and calm your mind but it also inculcates responsibility in you by giving you the entire duty of taking care of your pet. Right from the moment when it wakes up, your duty begins. You will have to feed him, bathe him to keep him fresh and finally show your affection towards your pet.
  • The success or failure of any game depends upon the gameplay and the graphics which are provided to the user. The game shines out from the competition in this aspect because it provides you with the best quality graphics and high definition gameplay that not for once makes you feel that Tom is a virtual character of a game. The game is designed to let you finally live your dream of having a pet without angering your parents.

The popularity of the game is well supported by the above mentioned features and gameplay. But if you are not confident yet then you can read further about the added benefit of going for the mod apk.

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What’s more in the My Talking Tom Mod Apk?

My Talking Tom Mod Apk provides you with unlimited coins that shall allow you to buy the best of the attires and equipment to make your pet more comfortable without even once worrying about the price element. This will help you put forth your best side forward and be the best player.

How to download and install the My Talking Tom Mod Apk?

  • Click on the download link that is provided below.

Download My Talking Tom Mod Apk

  • Click on OK which will initiate the downloading process for the mod apk.
  • After the entire download process will be completed then you will see the installation page of the My Talking Tom Mod Apk.
  • Click on Install and your android device will complete the entire installation process.

Since its release in November 2013, My Talking Tom has brought a lot of success to Outfit 7and has become one of the most popular mobile games. Part 2 of the game, My Talking Tom 2 was released in November this year. Keeping the unique features of the best virtual pet game, the game is back with a more fun, exciting and more feature-rich version. Do you want to adopt a cute cat, mimic human voice? Download this game to your phone via the links below the article.

Tom is a gourmet cat

Tom is a special cat that needs your care. In My Talking Tom 2, you will become Tom’s “parent”, care and help Tom happy. How? It very simple. Since Tom is a cat, he needs to eat, rest, play and be cuddled. The first is eating. In the bottom of the screen, select the “Knife and fork” icon to put Tom in the kitchen and sit at the table. Pick the dishes you like, then drag and drop them into Tom’s mouth (do not worry because Tom’s mouth is very wide, he can eat everything).

You can balance Tom’s nutrition by giving him a variety of foods such as fruits, soda, milk, cakes, meat, etc. After a period of using the food available in the refrigerator, you have to buy food from the store. The more nutritious foods will help Tom not be hungry, but they are also more expensive. For example, a pastry would cost more than three carrots.

Keep Tom clean

After a while playing, the clock of Tom’s cleanliness will decrease. That’s when you need to take Tom to bathe by pressing the bathroom icon. Besides, do not forget to bring Tom to the toilet regularly if not he will feel very uncomfortable. You can take Tom to the toilet, he will shut the door and do the rest. The game depicts this by emitting humorous “noises”. If you want, you can “break” Tom’s privacy by trying to open the door of the toilet.

Unlike My Talking Tom, there are many types of bath soaps that you can choose for Tom. You can use as much as you like. Looking Tom caught in the soap bubble is a pretty fun.


The biggest difference of My Talking Tom 2 is that this game has a healing feature. No one is healthy forever, someday Tom will be sick (called booboo). Do not worry! Click on the medicine cabinet and select type of medicine for booboos. There are no cure instructions, but each booboo can be cured in several ways, so you can experiment.

Before you close the game, it’s time for Tom to go to sleep. If not, sometimes you want to play with Tom but you can’t because he are too tired, and you have to wait for him to sleep for a while. Instead of sleeping, you can buy a vial of medicine for 100% health instantly by diamond. Help Tom go to bed, turn off the lights and he will sleep until his health meter reaches 100%.

Playing with Tom

Tom is a hyperactive cat. He can play all day without being bored. You can cuddle Tom by swiping into the stomach or even hit Tom. The fastest way to make Tom happy is playing the minigame of My Talking Tom 2. This is also a way to earn very effective coins. The game has a lot of fun minigames waiting for you. Classic games like 2048, racing game and lots of other games.


Tom can travel. Did you hear wrong? No, you didn’t. After each level, Tom will receive a plane ticket to travel anywhere you want. You can buy Tom’s dishes, decorations or clothing there.

When playing My Talking Tom 2, the greatest joy of the player is to buy unique clothes and try it for Tom. Each suits a different theme, but you can combine multiple themes in one set. Would you like to buy a King’s clothing or alien suit? In addition, you can also decorate the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom of Tom by your way.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of My Talking Tom 2 does not have much difference compared to the previous version. The game has sharp 3D graphics and bright colors. Tom is still cute, hilarious as the original version. An essential feature of My Talking Tom is the mimic of the human voice. In a high tone of voice, Tom can parody every word you say while playing My Talking Tom 2.

Download My Talking Tom 2 MOD today!

For a large amount of money in My Talking Tom 2 requires you to play minigames and save for a long time. In My Talking Tom 2 MOD (Money), the game gives you a large amount of money so you can comfortably buy clothes, decorations and anything you want.


When you download My Talking Tom 2 you have a funny friend in your phone. Tom is a close friend of hundreds of millions of players around the world, including many children. If you love pets, this is an indispensable game on your phone.

Final Verdict:

Keep visiting our blog Techylist to get latest APK on your Android phone. Giving you a chance to finally own a pet without actually angering your parents, the My Talking Tom allows you to take care of your own pet right from the stage of birth to the beautiful teen days. You will be responsible for every small activity form feeding to putting your pet to sleep. You can engage in funny conversation with your Tom. With the awesome graphics you will not feel like you have a virtual character. My Talking Tom Mod Apk allows you to get never ending coins which can be used by the gamer to buy the best of the attires and equipment from the store without thinking about the cost element. All of this makes the mod apk a logical choice and a must have on your android device.

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